Monday, June 23, 2014


So we asked Megan...

In CoEXIST, how do you prepare for a performance?

anytime I perform, it's important to me to have a small work out that day, in order to warm up, and I often find myself needing some quiet time.

coexist is unique in that the performance space varies a lot. so does the stage, or lack thereof, and the type of dancing, so I like to see and be in the space for a while and consider how the piece fills in.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

We asked Sean...

What are you most nervous about in preparing for the show?

Making sure that I have all the movement down and correct. And not messing up the choreographer's image of each piece.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

We asked Kelsey...

What do you like about performing with CoEXIST?

I enjoy performing with CoEXIST because I feel like I can be myself on stage with the other company members. I don't think nerves are a big factor in my performance. If anything, it helps.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

We asked Lauren...

How has your experience as a company member evolved since joining?

In terms of experience as a company member and how I go about conducting myself in rehearsal and performances, I don't actually feel as if anything has changed for me. I feel equally committed, invested, and inspired by the people and art surrounding me. 

Since joining in January 2012, many things in the company have changed: rehearsal space, company members, company rep, expansion to different styles, and the addition of a junior company. In that sense, I feel an evolution adjusting to bigger spaces and readjusting to smaller performance spaces, opening up to more dance genres to help evolve my versatility as a dancer and being able to work with the younger junior company members and just being a role model to them as a member of a professional company. 

I feel the same way about CoEXIST as I always have but the changes that have along with the company have shaped and added more into life as a dancer and person.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We asked Whitney...

As a dancer, what do you do to ensure you are fully embodying the choreographer's intent?

I take the information the choreographer provides, 
then try to empathize with the character or concept, like actors do. 
I blend my own experiences with the choreographer's shared experiences
and play with the execution. 
After that, the director's ongoing criticism is most valuable 
to provide immediate feedback on ways to alter my performance 
so that it is as fully and accurately embodied as possible.
We asked Sean...

Are there moments where you feel dis    conne     cte     d from the material in "Dream Baby Dream"? How do you cope with that?

I feel disconnected from the material 
when the movement style is new and not totally in my body. 
I cope with it with 
and trying to look like the choreographer. 
I just keep going over the movement in my head 
and focus on myself and 
the relationship between the other dancers

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We asked Antoinette...

about "Dream Baby Dream"...

How do you
"make this piece your own" 
while maintaining your 
assigned role 
in the dance?

I make the piece my own by just  
on what I bring to the piece individually. Its ultimately Katie's vision but 
without the company it would stay just a vision.

Just knowing that always gives me a 
sense of purpose 
and importance in the company with the director and my fellow company members!